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Registration and placements tests : from now on only via secretary's office.


Autumn leave until November 2th.



A warm welcome to all of you!

Enrolments new students only possible at the office for year courses until November 30th



  • If you opt for a beginner’s course you can register immediately, without taking a placement test.
  • If you already hold a certificate of a certain level issued by an officially recognised centre of adult education, you do not need to take a placement test but can register directly for the next level at the CLT office.
  • If you have prior knowledge of the language but are not in the possession of a certificate, you first have to take a placement test. The result indicates which level is suitable for you.

More info : registrations and placement tests


'Welcome to CLT, where vision
and passion for language
fuel your success.

Maryse Boufflette

Welcome to CLT, the Language Centre of Leuven. At this centre every year some 5,000 students of different nationalities gather to develop and perfect their language skills.


Each of you has your own reason for studying a language. You may want to equip yourself for educational purposes or enhance your career. Or you may enjoy sampling new cultures, want to make the most of foreign travel experiences or just have fun exploring a new language. Whatever your motivation, we are ready to help you learn quickly and effectively.


With CLT, you can count on 40 years of experience in language teaching, a reputation for excellence, a great selection of languages and a flexible programme designed for a wide range of objectives. And to top it all off, you will meet a professional team committed to delivering a successful and engaging project to improve your language skills, as well as an enjoyable learning experience.


We are looking forward to having you with us.



Maryse Boufflette

Director CLT 



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