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In his contribution to the CLT 40 review, Luc Smolders, former student of Spanish,  takes us back to 1993, to the pre-online registration days with students patiently queueing along Dekenstraat and finding themselves faced with a strict numerous clausus system,  demand being bigger than supply. He relates how classes invariably ended in a pub or restaurant and how informal get-togethers, BBQs and parties livened up boring summer recesses. With lively detail he conjures up classes  with Mia, Lily and Rita.  Friends for life, 6A 1993 still meets annually every last Saturday of November. Many still use  Spanish on a regular basis today – be it as tour guide , owner of  a Spanish wine shop or as journalist interviewing Contador. On behalf of his classmates and many other students he expresses his infinite gratitude to CLT and its staff for so many beautiful moments! 

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