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This week : Former CLT vice-principal, Vincent Kortleven, explains how his decision in 1975 to trade his university career for a teaching career at  CLT  was a well-considered one.

He cites the CLT team and the CLT student population as the driving forces behind his choice. He describes the inspired and inspiring leadership of the first principal U. Vanermen, the pioneering spirit of a young teaching staff,  the atmosphere among his immediate French colleagues, the experimenting with innovative techniques and the ample opportunities to learn from experts from abroad. These initiatives contributed to the feeling that teachers were not left to their own devices at CLT. The enthusiasm and drive that characterizes the CLT team was and is still reinforced by the enthusiasm and drive of the CLT student who is interested in language and culture and willing to spend a substantial part of his spare time studying a language.  And it was especially this student motivation that clinched his decision. 

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