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Would you like to study one of our 18 languages? Join us in the second term, which  starts on 26th January 2015. 

If you have prior knowledge of the language, take the placement test:

- online from 5th January till 21 February. Apply via mail :

- at CLT: with appointment


When you know your level register at the CLT office during opening hours. Registration for the second term is possible until 28 February 2015.


New courses :

English 1A (Waystage - A2) : Tu 13:00 - 16:50
French 1F (Breakthrough - A1) : Tu 13:00 - 16:50
Frans 1G (Breakthrough - A1) : Fri 17:30 - 21:20

Spanish 1L (Breakthrough - A1) : Fri 17:00 - 20:50
Spanish 2H (Threshold 1 - B1) : Tu 17:00 - 20:50

Register at the office

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This week : Blended learning




Hilde Weyen, teacher of Portuguese, highlights the advantages of our Blended Learning courses, such as there are flexibility, time savings, efficiency and tailored advice. The fact that students in Blended Learning courses often have a more active and accurate knowledge of the language than students in  a standard course might be due to the self-discipline and effort required from them on a regular basis to prepare for the face-to-face sessions. Compiling a Blended Learning course is particularly labour intensive but is worth the investment. CLT offers Blended Language courses for Portuguese, French, Spanish and Swedish. 

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