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In the picture: 40 years of scintillating CLT life



CLT gebouwLast year CLT celebrated its 40th anniversary with various activities such as  a filmfestival featuring films in 18 languages in cooperation with Cinema Zed, CLT in concert, a week of international food tasting, a sponsored run and an open school day. The colourful CLT 40 folders were eye-catchers and must-haves in Leuven and beyond. The festive year was concluded with a symposium 'Languages in action' gathering colleagues and partners in the field.
We also received many mails and texts from you, our students, from the three CLT principals, from numerous teachers, mentors and others.   These texts all testify to the scintillating community this centre is. Running like a thread through the enthusiastic testimonials is a heartfelt passion for language and quality language learning.


 Dutch texts will be provided with a synopsis in English.

Synopsis: A shoot growing into a mighty tree


Bart Van Thielen (principal 1984 – 2009) relates how the CLT population grew to 4,500 students over a period of 23 years.  How students had to queue and a numerous clausus system had to be installed. How the number of courses and languages on offer steadily increased as did the number of new teachers. How CLT was one of the first schools to set up a mentoring system to coach these newcomers. A system of team teaching was introduced to allow more speaking practice in large classes and address other specific needs in heterogeneous groups. In 1995 CLT moved to its present location, with teaching rooms and language labs adapted to the demands of modern communicative language teaching.


He moves on to the didactic principles CLT adheres to such as the importance of using the target language right from the beginning, the use of authentic materials and the fact that knowledge is important in the language learning process but only to the extent that it contributes to skill.


He describes how the publication of the Common European framework for languages prompted the development of the CLT curricula and evaluation criteria and how the arrival of the internet has created many student-friendly opportunities such as online placement tests and registration facilities , interactive exercise and blended learning courses .  CLT, with its students from various backgrounds is a microcosm of society at large. Language builds bridges between people.  CLT fosters dialogue between them and lifelong learning.



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