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  • Asia Society
  • China the beautiful: heel uitgebreide site voor Chinese cultuur, geschiedenis, kunst,…
  • China Today
  • ChinaKnowledge: nog een website waar een beetje van alles over China te vinden is, vooral cultuur: geschiedenis, filosofie, muziek, literatuur, kunst. Degelijk.
  • Chinese Text Sampler: An Annotated Collection of Digitized Chinese Texts for Students of Chinese Language and Culture
  • een Nederlandstalige portalsite over China, Hong Kong en Taiwan. Bevat veel achtergrondinformatie op breed terrein, links en adressen, diverse forums, etc
  • Internet Guide for China Studies
  • Qi Journal: Behandelt vooral gezondheid, meditatie, geneeskunst, maar ook taal en andere aspecten van Chinese cultuur.


  • Art Scene China Contemporary Chinese Art: a website dedicated to increasing the awareness and understanding of contemporary Chinese art worldwide.
  • Asian Art: the on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of China.
  • Du Xinjian: Contemporary Chinese Artist .Background and portfolio of contemporary Chinese artist who paints surrealist style oil paintings. Free screensaver of his modern Chinese art available online.
  • Song Haizeng: View cheerful, figurative oil paintings by this Chinese artist painting is unique, and all are self-portraits of an artist with a very positive philosophy.
  • Wang Jing: Modern Chinese Art - Colourful floral, animal and human figurative semi-abstract paintings by this Chinese woman artist. Download a free screensaver with her modern Chinese art.
  • Wu Meng Chun: Contemporary Chinese Art- Chinese artist presents a complete online portfolio of his self-portrait artwork. Wu describes the influence of his Chinese Buddhist teachings on his paintings.
  • Zhong Biao: View paintings by a Chinese artist who has exhibited his artwork worldwide. Art is organized by year. Artist's biography, articles, and screensavers are available.



  • Chinese Gardens: de kunst van tuinontwerp: uitleg over geschiedenis van tuinen, voorbeelden en veel foto's.
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