Registration for courses starting from 26 September 2016 

Registration for courses starting from 30 January 2017

Would you like to obtain some information about a specific language before your enrolment? You will find this information under ‘our 18 languages’ by selecting the language for which you are interested. This is the section containing all sorts of practical information.

For beginners

If you choose the beginner’s level, you can register immediately. In other words, you do not need a certificate issued by another language centre and you do not need to take a placement test. All you have to do is to register online or through our administrative offices (see above). 

For more advanced students 

Would you like to register for a higher level than the beginner’s level? Then you will have to take a placement test. 

Online placement test

From 19 August till 15 October

Go to ‘our 18 languages’ in the menu where you select the language of your choice. After taking the placement test, you will find out immediately for which level you can subscribe.

From 15 October on you can request the link to the placement test via

Placement test through our administrative offices

Do you prefer to take your placement test at CLT? This is an option from 19 August till the end of the registration period (see above).
Don’t forget to make an appointment in advance. We’ll make sure you can use one of our computers.
The test is identical to the one you access from your own computer.
If you hold a certificate issued by another institution, you will have to present this certificate to our administrative team. They will take the necessary steps to ensure you can move onto to the next level.