Corona update

Update 1 May 2021

The risk of infection is still high, especially in view of the new corona variants. That is why code red also remains in force in adult education during the month of May.

The lessons will therefore continue to be conducted 100% online and evaluations that are planned in the month of May will also take place online.

Update 12 April 2021

As decided by the Minister of Education, the current corona measures will not be relaxed after the Easter holidays. The lessons therefore continue 100% online.

Update 25 March 2021

You will have heard in the news that the government has taken new measures to stop the spread of the corona virus.

By Saturday 27 March (13:00) your teacher will inform you how this will affect your classes next week.

Update 15 february 2021

After the spring break schools maintain the same safety measures that applied before the break. This means that adult education remains in phase red. All current measures and modalities for your lessons remain in place.

Why does adult education opt for this approach?

  • Clarity for staff and students.
  • The corona figures in Flanders are better than most regions in Europe. But caution is advised.
  • The preventive measures are effective.

Update 21 January 2021

As decided by the Minister of Education, the current corona measures will not be relaxed until the end of the spring break (Sunday 21 February).

Update 21 November 2020

On October 20, 2020, our Board of directors opted for a switch to 100 % online lessons from October 26 to November 21, 2020.

How shall we proceed in the weeks to come? After internal consultation, we opt for the safest arrangement feasible and continue to run our courses 100 % online until the Christmas holidays (until December 19, 2020). We remain committed to providing extra support for those who need it. Do not hesitate to contact your teacher or the helpdesk. The office can be reached by appointment (via There will be a re-evaluation of the situation during the Xmas holiday.

We would like to seize this opportunity to thank you all very much for your enthusiasm, your perseverance and the many positive reactions we have received about the organization of our online classes. We value your feedback and take it to heart. We would also like to extend our appreciation to your housemates who find themselves banned from the living room during classes or come to your rescue when technology lets you down. 

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