How can I register via the student platform?

If you are already taking classes in the CLT, you can register for one or more follow-up modules via the student portal in myCLT.

Take the time to explore our new program and choose the group you want to register for.

Have you chosen your Dutch course? Then write down the course number. You will need it to register via the student platform afterwards.


Did you choose a course for another language? Then click on Register and write down the course number. You will need it to register via the student portal afterwards.


You can find the course number in the information about the course:


In the student portal, click on Inschrijven . Choose the Richtgraad (= degree) of the course you just finished.

Not sure what your degree is? This document can help you.

You can also recognize the correct degree by the green color of the modules you have already successfully completed.


You choose the Richtgraad (= degree) for which you want to register. This can be the same degree or the next degree.

  • if you are interested in a fast track course, you choose Richtgraad Verkort;
  • then you can choose your CLT level in the Modulevarianten menu.


Have you chosen the level for which you want to register? At the bottom you will see the groups for which you can register.

  • click on the green + to add the group of your choice to your shopping cart;
  • a group consists of an A module and a B module that are clustered in our courses. You will therefore see that 2 items are added to your shopping cart.

You can also choose to pre-register for a module of semester 2.

  • choose the next level;
  • click on the green + next to the group of your choice to add it to your shopping cart.

For this group you will see a notification Je kan je niet inschrijven in deze cursus (= You can not register for this course). That is because you have not yet completed the previous module.

To register anyway, tick Inschrijven onder voorbehoud (= register with conditions) in both module parts.


Check whether the correct courses are in your shopping cart, click on Betalen and follow the payment procedure.


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