Can I use certain aids as a disabled person?

Our centre welcomes all students suffering from a functional impairment, chronic disease or learning disability. By offering tailor-made education we strive to create equal opportunities.

The basic requirements to start a course are assessed individually, as learning targets must be achieved.

Special arrangements can only be granted after justification (medical certificate or attestations/reports issued by official bodies) and in consultation with the teacher. Special educational aids enable disabled adults to follow a course at a centre for adult education.

The following educational aids may be assigned in the framework of adult education:

  • the services of an interpreter of Flemish sign language and/or a speech-to-text reporter;
  • reimbursement of photocopies of fellow students’ notes;
  • adaptation of course materials, such as transcription into braille, enlarged photocopies, digital conversions or large-print.

Please contact the principal if you would like to use special educational aids.

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