Can I obtain a partial exemption and pay only part of the registration fee?

Yes, you can get a partial exemption from the registration fee but not for the course material (course materials compiled by the teacher and manual).

During online registration you need to pay the full registration fee. If you are granted a partial or a full registration fee exemption, please send us the necessary documents and your bank account number after your registration. We will refund the registration fee as soon as possible.

The rate of €0.30 per hour applies in the following situations:

  • you earn an income through a provisional allowance or unemployment benefit for training programmes other than those from the General Education training areas, the Poverty Experience and Social Exclusion training programme, NT2 training NT2 target grade 1 and 2 as a civic integration student, NT2 as secondary education student; or you are dependent on someone in these categories;
  • you are a holder of one of the following certificates, or you are dependent on someone in these categories:
    • a certificate issued by the competent authority, showing an incapacity for work of at least 66%;
    • a certificate proving the right to an integration allowance for the disabled;
    • a certificate proving registration with the Flemish Agency for Persons with Disabilities;
    • a certificate issued by the competent authority, showing a reduction in the earning capacity to a third or less of what a healthy person can earn by practising on the general labour market;a certificate issued by the competent authority, showing a reduction of self-reliance of at least seven points;
  • you are in early retirement, and you are in a system of unemployment with a company allowance with compulsory registration with the VDAB;
  • you are in early retirement without compulsory registration at the VDAB, and you receive unemployment benefits.

If you are dependent on someone, we expect both a certificate proving that that person belongs to one of the categories concerned and a declaration of honour that you both sign.

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Private courses are not eligible for a partial exemption.

When the administrative deadline of a course is past, it’s not possible to refund anymore.

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