What does it cost to register?

Dutch (NT2)

  • Course of 180 or 120 hours: €72 .
  • Course of 80 hours: €48.

Handbooks and (digital) course materials are not included.

Other languages

  • Course of 120 hours: €180
  • Course of 70 hours: €105
  • Course of 60 hours: €90

Prices for courses in our extra program can be found on the specific page of each course.

Handbooks and (digital) course materials are not included.

The Adult Education Decree foresees a standard rate of €1.5 for the registration fee in adult education per hour.

This applies to all courses except for the Dutch as a second language course (NT2). The standard rate for those courses is €0.60 per hour. When you register for 180 hours, you pay the same registration fee as for 120 hours.

In the case of blended learning the student will pay for the classroom learning as well as the distance learning part.

The registration fee you have to pay is limited to € 300 per ‘richtgraad’ per semester. De starting date of the course determines which semester the course is part of.

You pay:

-maximum €300 registration fee for all courses that officially start between 1 September to and including 31 December;

-Maximum €300 registration fee for all courses that officially start between 1 January to and including 31 August;

This maximum amount applies to each ‘richtgraad’ separately and to each centre separately. You cannot charge this to another CVO.You must be able to prove that you have reached the ceiling for the school year and the ‘richtgraad’. We will therefore always provide you with a proof of payment when you register so that you can prove that you have reached the ceiling.

The amount increases with the cost of (digital) course materials such as textbooks, syllabi and photocopies.

-You will be informed of the estimated price of course materials upon registration.

-Syllabi developed by the teachers and the digital course materials are paid to the centre upon registration.

-Course books purchased through ACCO are not invoiced at the time of registration and should be purchased by the student.

During online registration you need to pay the full registration fee. If you are granted a partial or a full registration fee exemption, please send us the necessary documents and your bank account number after your registration. We will refund the registration fee as soon as possible.

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