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Initiation course Japanese

Do you need a Japanese survival level fast? Are you planning a trip, a work visit or study?

Then this Japanese course is for you.

From 31 January till 29 May 2024 our colleague Tomoko takes you on a journey through the Japanese language and culture.



  • 31 January till 29 May 2024
  • Wednesday 13:00-16:30
  • on campus
  • Before the start of the course, your teacher will send you all the practical information for the lessons.


€103 (course materials included)

Course materials

The course materials for this course will be handed out during the first lesson.


After this course you will receive a partial certificate for level 1 (Breakthrough A - Oral).

Your teacher will advise you about possible follow-up modules.

After this course

you'll be able to

  • introduce yourself in a formal way
  • ask for contact details (address, phone number, e-mail…)
  • ask and tell how much something costs
  • ask and tell where something is
  • ...

you'll know more about

  • history of Japanese
  • different levels of social status in Japanese society
  • social role of pop culture, manga and anime
  • what to do and see in Tokyo
  • Japanese cuisine

Japanese a difficult language? We prove you wrong!

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