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Initiation course Russian

A Russian course for beginners not only provides the opportunity to explore the rich russian culture and language but also opens the door to communication with Ukrainians and others in the region. Register today and discover the power of language as a means of connecting communication.

From 30 January 2024 till 28 May 2024, colleague Tanja will take you on a journey through the Russian language and culture.



30 January 2024 till 28 May 2024

Tuesday 12:30-16:00

This course is a hybrid course: when registering, you can choose whether you want to attend the classes on campus or online.

All you need to know about our hybrid courses


€106 (online course materials included)

Course materials

  • If you opt for on campus lessons, the courses materials are handed out during the first lesson.
  • If you opt for online lessons, you order your course materials via the Acco webshop.



After this course you will receive a partial certificate for level 1 (Breakthrough A).

Your teacher will advise you about possible follow-up modules.

After this course

you'll be able to

  • introduce yourself
  • order pelmeni in a restaurant
  • find and ask for directions in the underground palaces of the Moscow Metro
  • buy a ticket for a ballet performanc
  • make an appointment
  • apologise
  • express your preferences
  • ...

you'll know more about

  • Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • the beauty of the Russian landscapes

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