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A fast oral track to C1

Do you already have a (near) C1 level command of English and do you just need some finishing touches?

CLT offers an intensive 40 lesson-period online module allowing you to brush up and refine essential oral C1 skills and expand your language range in the areas that matter to you.

The course consists of a mix of online Zoom practice sessions, personal feedback and guided individual study.



100% online

Diagnostic intake with introduction to an individual online programme of +/- 16 hours

Flexible planning between 8 November and the end of the course

5 online face-to-face training sessions

  • on Friday evening from 17:00–20:15
  • dates 11/2, 18/2, 25/2, 11/3, 18/3

Target group

Anyone who has a near C1 level command of English and needs some finishing touches and certification like for instance CLIL teachers and university lecturers in Flanders who need to fulfil C1 language requirements.

Conditions of entry

Score level 10 (Effectiveness B) in the CLT placement test and pass an (online or face-to-face) interview.

Should you not meet the requirements of entry, alternative tracks are available such as the Prep for the Test course (preparing you for a TOEFL or IELTS exam) or a standard C1 track (120 or 240 lesson periods depending on your level) .

Course fee


Level test & registration

From 15 June online or on campus Leuven

Course content

Info flyer


Class observation, staggered tests and a final exam

Additional tests (writing and reading) for students who want to be exempt from the written module to be granted a full C1 certificate.


Partial C1 (oral skills) or full C1 certificate recognized by the Flemish Ministry of Education, depending on whether the student can be exempt from the written module.

More information


Before the start of the course, your teacher will send you all practical arrangements for the lessons.

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