Course content - Fast Track to C1

This course aims to improve

fluency and confidence

in social communication

when defining objectives, giving instructions and formulating feedback

when pitching and presenting (including describing and narrating)

when reporting and comparing

when expressing opinion and attitude

when collaborating and interacting

when planning and producing a presentation

when at a loss for words

accuracy in grammar, vocabulary, register, spelling and pronunciation

through error analysis and remedial language practice

by expanding range (vocabulary & grammar)

text structure

when producing a coherent text

when presenting information and outlining a project

when summarizing and reporting

your oral language skills in particular, but indirectly also reading and writing

by exposure and practice in class and online

through the use of compensation, planning, production, interaction and learning strategies

It addresses individual needs

through variation and differentiation

through personal feedback in class

through remediation of student specific problems via the online modules

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