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English pronunciation

Do you find it hard to get your tongue around certain English sounds? Are you often asked to repeat yourself when speaking in English, or do you feel that your accent hinders effective communication? Does your pronunciation make you feel less confident in your language skills?


If this sounds familiar, our new English pronunciation course may well be the course for  you

This 20-hour module

  • aims at improving your intelligibility and boost your confidence when communicating in English.
  • consists of a blend of interactive group sessions and guided individual practice.

The teacher will monitor your progress throughout the course, providing you with regular feedback so you can see your improvement over time.

The aim is not to obtain a perfect British or American accent, but rather to improve your intelligibility.


on campus

  • start November and February
  • Monday 16:00-17:30
  • 8 lessons
    dates to be determined
  • +20% independent work

100 % online

  • start November and February
  • Wednesday 17:00-18:30
  • 8 lessons
    dates to be determined
  • +30% independent work

Independant work means that you will spend approximately 4 hours per semester working on preparing and recording pronunciation exercises on our online platform. This allows the teacher to provide individual feedback.

Target group

This course was designed for B1 learners of English

Not sure what your level is? Take our level test.


35€ (course materials not included)


online via your student platform or request the registration link via mail.

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