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Am I eligible for Flemish Training Leave or Paid Educational Leave?

Flemish Training Leave (Vlaams Opleidingsverlof)

You can apply for this extra leave without any pay cuts if you work in Flanders and you take one of the following courses in an adult education centre

  • Dutch as a Second Language up to level 3.2 (end of Richtgraad 3)
  • English, German, French up to level 2.4 (level 2.4 corresponds with level 6 or B1 Threshold 4 at the CLT)

You are a full-time employee:
you are eligible for a maximum of 125 hours of Flemish Training Leave per school year.

You are a part-time employee (at least 50%): Flemish Training Leave is calculated in proportion to your full-time equivalent percentage.

If you are given this leave, you are obliged to take all the exams.

More information on Flemish Training Leave and how to apply for it can be found on the website of the Flemish Government.

Paid Educational Leave (Betaald Educatief verlof)

Do you work in Flanders?

It was possible to get Paid Educational Leave till December 2021 at the latest.

Do you work in Brussels or Wallonia?

To make use of Paid Educational Leave

  1. mention it upon registration (if you register online, send us an email)
  2. you will receive a proof of registration
  3. deliver the proof of registration to your employer without delay (we do not send it to your employer)

Regulations concerning Paid Educational Leave stipulate that

  • certificates of attendance will be delivered per period of three months
  • in each period of 3 months your unjustified absences must not exceed 10%: if they do, you will lose the right to Paid Educational Leave
  • Paid Educational Leave for online courses is also possible.

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