Privacy policy

Our centre collects personal data on the basis of its assignment as an educational institution and also as an employer. CLT considers the protection of privacy important.

Below we explain which personal data we collect, why we do this, how long we keep them, what the privacy rights of the data subjects are and how they can exercise them.

1. Who is responsible?

The controller for the processing of all personal data is the centre board, CLT vzw, with

  • registered office at Dekenstraat 4 bus 4014, 3000 Leuven
  • company number 0413.538.417.

CLT vzw is the organising body of the language courses offered by CVO CLT. CLT vzw is supported in this by the "data protection officer" (DPO) of the educational umbrella organization.

The contact person for information security: the principal, Maryse Boufflette, or the assistant principal, Paul Goossens. They can be reached via

Which personal details of mine are kept and why?

The CVO is legally obligated to retain a student file from every student.

All data in your file are processed for as long as you are registered with us. After that, the data is archived in accordance with the applicable regulations.

In order for us to register you, to supervise you and to keep you informed, it is therefore necessary for the centre to process the following data:

  • Identification details (in particular first and last name, national identification number, date of birth, place of birth, gender, nationality, residence permits);
  • Contact details (in particular telephone number(s), address, e-mail);
  • Education, training and work (in particular education grade, diploma, work
  • situation, previously obtained study certificates, experience at the CLT);
  • Financial data (in particular bank details, (re)payments, outstanding accounts,
  • instalment plan, reduction or exemption registration fee, proofs of payment);
  • Evaluation data (in particular attendance, results, deliberations);
  • Performance (in particular attendance, behaviour, communication with teachers and fellow students, supervision, follow-up, sanctions, discipline, medical information)
  • Other (license plate, …)

If you are a minor, the centre will also need the identification, contact and financial data of a parent/guardian.

In the event of failure to answer the CVO’s request for certain personal information necessary to register an individual as student, the CVO will make clear the consequences of such an act. The potential refusal by the CVO to register the individual in question as a student is one of the possibilities facing him or her.

We use student data to properly carry out our teaching assignment, in particular to guide students in their training, to conduct student and exam administration and assign special statutes and facilities.

In addition, student data are analysed to allow the study program to optimize student support, guidance, flow and evaluation.

Course details are exchanged with the government in view of the financing of the centre and the decree provisions.

Selected third parties can participate in the execution of these assignments on behalf of CLT. A processor agreement is concluded with these parties to ensure careful handling of personal data (example: Administratix).

On an individual basis, external exchange with other persons or organizations is only possible in the following cases:

● the student has agreed in advance;

● after a court order;

● in cases of non-payment by the student.

For the retention of student data, we base ourselves on the established retention periods that can be found in the circular “The centre organization of the centres for adult education and the centres for basic education” (VWO / 2011/02).

Study results are not deleted within the fixed term. In this way, if the former student loses documents, the CLT can issue a certificate later.

Student data is never kept longer than necessary for the fulfillment of the above objectives and for as long as required by law.

Who gets to see these data?

The CVO uses the personal student data for the purpose of implementing the decree dd. 18/07/2008 regarding electronic administrative data management as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (abbreviated: GDPR) of 27 April 2016 and in particular for student administration / student guidance; therefore they are kept in a file. It goes without saying that this information is strictly confidential.


All our staff have only access to data that are relative to the job they do.

Everyone who works at a CVO is pledged to discretion and secrecy. The CLT personnel may discuss confidential information pertaining students with colleagues and principal/ board. Communication with third parties outside the school is not allowed.


● The department of education is, via the Davinci system from AgoDi (agency for educational services), a recipient of a part of your student details;

● Upon verification, the education verifier has access to administrative data, attendance, proof of absence, … in the framework of their legally specified task;

● In the event of an investigation, it is possible that an education inspector also requests access to certain student data in the framework of their legally specified task;

● As a centre, we are likewise authorised by the Flemish Supervisory Commission (Vlaamse Toezichtcommissie - VTC) or the new Data Protection Authority (Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit - GBA) that took over the tasks of the Privacy commission and its sectoral committees from 25 May 2018, to exchange personal data with the following partners:

○ Agency for Social ans Civic Integration (Agentschap Integratie en Inburgering);

○ Centres for Basic Education (Centra voor Basiseducatie (CBE - LIGO));

○ Centres for Adult Education (Centra voor Volwassenenonderwijs (CVO));

○ Public Centres for Social Welfare (Openbare Centra voor Maatschappelijk Welzijn (OCMW));

○ Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service (Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddeling en Beroepsopleiding (VDAB));

○ Enforcement officers;

○ Flemish Society for Social Housing (Vlaamse Maatschappij voor Sociaal Wonen (VMSW)).


At the Language Centre (Centrum voor Levende Talen) - CLT, the following platforms are used for the processing student data:

● Administratix (student administration)

● e-learning platform Canvas and e-CLT

● CLT café (online platform for language exchange with native speakers)

We use technical measures to protect the personal data against unauthorized access, unauthorized use, loss or theft such as strong passwords, firewalls, anti-malware protection, backup etc.

What rights do I have with regard to privacy?

● Right to information: you may ask which of your data is being processed and who has access to them, why the centre needs or uses these data and how long they will be kept;

● Right of access: you can always view or retrieve the data that the centre holds on you;

● Right to rectification: in the event you find errors in your data, you can ask to have them rectified. You may also make additions to your data;

● Right to data erasure: you may request that data that is not (or no longer) vital for the centre be permanently and fully erased*;

● Right to limitating the processing: in the event you have an objection regarding the processing of certain data you may request that this processing be halted*;

● Right to object: in the event you do not agree with the basis of a particular processing operation or with the way in which certain data of yours are being processed, you may launch an objection*;

● Right to retract his/her consent: in the event your consent has been requested for particular processing procedures, you may at any time choose not to grant your consent anymore*;

● Right not to be subjected to automated decision-making: whenever the centre uses algorithms to, without human intervention, arrive at certain consequences in respect of (a part of) your data you may launch an objection*;

*In the event of limitation or deletion of data, the CVO will report the relative consequences.

Processing of personal data relating to health is only possible with your explicit consent. You can revoke this permission at any time.

If you are a minor, your parents or the persons exercising parental authority must give this permission and they are also entitled to a copy of the signed permission.

For more information on the above or to refer to any one of the aforementioned rights, please address yourself internally to the contact point for data security via

In the event of disputes or doubts, you can also apply to the supervisory authority with regard to privacy and the processing of personal data:

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