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Can I pay the registration fee with training vouchers?

Yes, if you meet the following conditions (CLT is an accredited centre within the system of the Flemish training vouchers (opleidingscheques), meaning that the Government of Flanders will pay half of your training costs)

1. You take a course in

  • Dutch as a Second Language up to level 3.1 OR
  • English, German, French up to level 2.4 (level 2.4 corresponds with level 6 or B1 Threshold 4 at the CLT)

2. You don't have

  • a high school diploma OR
  • a graduate, bachelor's or a master's degree OR
  • you do have a degree obtained in Higher (Vocational) Education AND
    • the course for which you register is a part of your personal development plan (POP) agreed with and accredited by your personal development coach/centre OR
    • you have an attestation from your career tutor testifying that the course for which you register is required in the context of your career development

3. You are

  • an employee OR
  • a temp OR
  • temporarily unemployed (but you are still contracted by your employer)

4. You live

  • in Flanders or in the Brussels-Capital Region OR
  • in a country that is a member state of the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) but you work in Flanders/Brussels-Capital Region OR
  • in Wallonia AND
    • you moved here from a member state of the EU/EEA AND
    • you work in Flanders or in the Brussels-Capital Region

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