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NT2 digi-taal

Practise your Dutch and learn how to work with a computer and mobile phone.

For everyone who is following

  • level 1.1 (or higher) in a 120-hour track
  • level 1.2 (or higher) in a 180-hour track

HR_CLT_NT2 digi-taal

In 20 hours you practise Dutch and learn to use a computer/smartphone to

  • write an email
  • make an online appointment (with the doctor, the CLT office, ...)
  • search for information (about an apartment, a sports camp for your child, ...)
  • book a ticket (train, film, ...)
  • work with Word documents
  • look for work
  • order and buy something online
  • work with Itsme
  • create a password
  • take lessons with Zoom or Teams
  • ...


  • from 2 February 2024 till 29 March 2024
  • Friday 9:00-11:15
  • Dekenstraat 4, 3000 Leuven



Course materials

  • €3
  • Bring your own smartphone
  • During the lesson, you can practise on a computer of the school.


From 5 December 2023

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