How can I cancel my registration?

Should you realise at the start of the course that you will not be able to follow the lessons, it is possible to obtain a refund of your registration fee.

Refund claims are to be addressed, in a letter or e-mail, to the director Please mention your bank account and registration number.

If you register before the start of the lessons:

  • and cancel your registration before the actual start of the lessons, you can re-claim in full the registration fee and the amount you paid for the course materials purchased through the centre;
  • and cancel your registration after the start of your studies and at the latest on the day of your second lesson you can only re-claim the registration fee, from which a 10 % processing fee will be withheld. You cannot reclaim the amount you paid for the course material;
  • nothing will be reimbursed after the 2nd lesson of your training.

If you register after the start of the training:

  • you can re-claim the registration fee at the latest on the day of the second lesson;
  • a 10 % processing fee will be withheld from all refunds.

You cannot reclaim the amount you paid for the course materials.

Only parking cards that are returned prior to the start of the lessons, will be reimbursed in full. After the start of the lessons only the deposit on the (undamaged) card can be reclaimed.

In case a course is temporarily suspended due to force majeure, it is not possible to fully or partially re-claim the registration fee.

Should the centre decide to cancel the course, the full amount will be refunded, including the registration fee, the costs for course materials and the parking card if applicable.

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