Can anyone register at CLT?

In order to be admitted to a CLT course, you must comply with the regulations concerning full-time compulsory education. This implies that

  • you are, at the moment of your registration, 16 years old OR
  • you are 15 years old having completed the first two years of full-time secondary education.

In addition, you must have Belgian nationality or comply with the regulations concerning legal residence.

If you are a resident of an a EU country, your online registration is only valid once our administrative offices have received a copy of your ID.

If you are a non-EU national, you will have to bring one of the following documents to our administrative offices:

  • a valid passport with valid visa;
  • a valid proof of identity from a country exempt from a visa requirement together with the document ‘Aankomstverklaring’ (Arrival Declaration);
  • an electronic foreigner ID card issued in Belgium;
  • an immatriculation certificate (orange card);
  • another proof of legal residence.

When registering, the following documents may also be requested:

  • The certificates, attestations and diplomas that you have previously obtained;
  • attestations for the exemption or the reduction of the registration fee;
  • a potential request for exemption;
  • a potential application for Flemish training leave.

Registration is personal and can, therefore, never be passed on to third parties. Based on this information, we can fully complete the administrative file. In this way, we are assured that we can deliver correct (partial) certificates in the future.

Upon registration, we can retrieve relevant information about previously obtained study certificates from the Learning and Experience Database (LED) of the Flemish government. If you do not wish to give permission for this, you can counter this at any time with a simple notification during registration: in that case, you must submit the required study certificates yourself during registration.

If you are between 12 and 16 years old, and you take lessons as a student in full-time secondary education, you can be admitted to an NT2 course under the following specific conditions:

  • you participate in the NT2 course on a voluntary basis;
  • you take the NT2 course outside the lessons of your secondary education school;
  • your secondary school provides you with a certificate that includes at least the following elements:
    • a description of your language deficit in relation to the training programme that you follow as a student in secondary education;
    • the contact details of the person designated by the secondary school for the follow-up of the NT2 course for which you are enrolled as a student at the centre.

This attestation is added to your student file upon registration, as prepared by our centre. Our counsellor contacts the contact person of your secondary school if necessary, for example at the start and the completion of the course, in the event of early termination, or in the event of stagnating learning progress.

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