Can I use training cheques to pay my registration fee?

Training cheques for employees working in Flanders and the Brussels- Capital Region

CLT is a recognised centre within the system of Flemish training cheques. As an employee in Flanders or the Brussels-Capital Region you pay only half of the registration fee. The other half is paid by the Flemish government.

Training cheques can be purchased via the VDAB for a maximum value of €250 per calendar year.

Training cheques can only be used for the following languages:

  • English, German, French and this up to level 2.4 (B1)
  • Dutch up to and including level 3.1.

Also, see the training database for Flemish training incentives.

Since 1 March 2015 access to training cheques has been restricted for highly skilled people:

Highly skilled are all the people who graduated from tertiary education, like studies leading to a bachelor of higher education, a teacher training, a certificate of pedagogical professional competency and studies in higher education organised by education for social promotion.

Highly skilled people can only apply for training cheques

  • for labour market-oriented trainings that are explicitly set out in their personal development plan (POP) drawn up during career guidance.
  • with an attestation issued by a career counsellor testifying that the training is required in the career context.The training provider must keep this attestation. VDAB will monitor this in the context of quality monitoring of career guidance.

Regulations regarding training cheques for low and medium skilled people remain unchanged. They can still apply for training cheques for our language courses, but only for English, German, French and this up to and including level 2.4 (B1) and for Dutch up to and including level 3.1.

Employees who live in Flanders but do not have a job there also qualify for training and career cheques under the new regulations.

A similar arrangement applies to European employees who work in Flanders or Brussels capital region but live elsewhere. They too, are entitled to training and career cheques.Additional information can be found at

Please note:

  • the use of training cheques must be mentioned in the course of the registration procedure;
  • both the registration fee and course materials can be paid fully or partially with training cheques;
  • the value of the training cheques used must not exceed the price of the course;
  • the course material made available by the center can be paid for with training cheques;
  • handbooks and course materials that are purchased through ACCO are not charged at registration and must be purchased by the student. These can therefore not be paid for with training vouchers;
  • training cheques must be handed in at the CLT office before the end of the course;
  • students who do not yet hold a secondary education diploma can file an application with the VDAB for a refund of the half they have paid;
  • when registering at the CLT office, you can use training cheques as a means of payment;
  • if you register online or do not yet have the cheques in your possession, you will pay the full price of the course. As soon as you hand in the cheques at the CLT office, the corresponding amount will be refunded as soon as possible;
  • training cheques for employees have to be ordered at the VDAB within two weeks after the start of the course.
  • training cheques are only valid for 14 months from the date of issue. Only valid cheques are accepted.
  • Since our administrative services should be able to process the cheques in time, they must be handed in at the CLT office 10 working days prior to their expiry date at the latest.

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