Is e-learning right for you?

✔ If your answer is YES to the questions below, then e-learning is right for you!

👍 Do you like

  • flexibility: do you like to choose when you do your assignments?
  • comfort: do you prefer not to travel to the language centre (every week)?

🧘‍♂️ Are you

  • calm when technology lets you down?
  • independant: can you process parts of the course by yourself?
  • well organized: do you complete your tasks on time?

‍💻 Do you have

  • a computer, a laptop or a tablet with a microphone and a camera?
  • a good internet connection?
  • a quiet space to yourself for the online sessions?

💪 Can you

  • find information online?
  • email, type and surf?
  • download and upload files?
  • open audio and video files?

🤝 Commitment

  • make sure you have a good internet connection
  • take the class in a quiet room
  • keep your camera on during class
  • actively participate in class

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