Spanish for young adults

Are you between 15 and 18 years old and would you like to learn Spanish just out of personal interest or because you'd like to spend a year travelling or studying abroad?

If you'd rather not come to CLT in the evening or on Saturday morning, then the Wednesday afternoon group is for you:

Spaans voor jongeren

Track: 70 lesson periods of 50 min


  • Wednesday afternoon 13:15-15:30;
  • from 8 September 2021 till 18 May 2022;
  • this group is geared to your interests and your school schedule;
  • there are no classes in from 2 December 2021 till 11 January 2022 and during school holidays..

Registration fee: €110

Course materials: €8

Certificate: official certificate. After the course, you can register for the following level at CLT.

Registration: from 19 August via this link or on campus Leuven.

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