What is an e-learning course?

Do you live at a distance from the CLT Language centre or do you prefer not to commute to CLT every week? Then our e-learning format may be for you!

50 % e-learning

Lessons at CLT alternate with independent work and/or online sessions from home (or from any place).

Possible options here are:

Combi Flex

Face-to-face classes on campus alternate with (online) independent work from home;

You only have classes on campus once every 14 days at a fixed time. The focus during these sessions is mainly on oral skills.

The week in between lessons on campus, you practise at home via the learning platform at any time that is convenient to you.
You can also test yourself and prepare for the next face-to-face lesson.
The teacher offers support. You can contact her / him with your questions.

The distance part is just as important as the face-to- face lessons. You must complete the online package within the agreed period.

Combi F2F (face-to-face)

Face-to-face lessons on campus alternate with face-to-face lessons online. You do not have to travel to CLT every week;

This means you have face-to-face lessons every week at a fixed time;

The exact lesson times of these modules can be found here: semester 1 - semester 2

100 % e-learning

You have online lessons at a fixed time every week. So you never have to travel to the campus.

The lessons consist of a mix of interactive online classroom moments, online individual guidance and independent work.

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