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Arabic for beginners

Would you like to learn Arabic to speak with your neighbours, friends, family, colleagues or customers?
Are you planning a trip, a work visit or a study in an Arabic speaking country? Are you fascinated by the Arab culture?

From 31 January 2022 till 30 May 2022 our colleague George takes you on a journey through the Arab language and culture.



From 31 January 2022 till 30 May 2022

Monday 18:00-21:30

On campus


€90 + €9 (online) course materials

The course materials will be distributed during the first lesson


After this course you will receive a partial certificate for level 1 (Breakthrough).

Your teacher will advise you about possible follow-up modules.

After this course

you'llbe able to

  • introduce yourself and your family
  • ask for contact details
  • buy and negotiate at the market
  • order something at a restaurant
  • write the Arabic alphabet
  • ...

you'll know more about

  • the Arabic names of cities and people
  • some typical dishes
  • the difference between Maghreb and Oriental cuisine. You might even learn to cook something!
  • the history and culture of the Arabic language area
  • the differences between the standard language and the different dialects
  • the relationship between Arabic and other languages

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