How to log on to myCLT?

Have you activated your myCLT account? You can now log in to myCLT and have access to our learning platform Canvas and/or e-CLT!

1. Click on the MyCLT button (top of the CLT website)

  1. Select Click here to log in
  2. The account dashboard appears (with a picture of the CLT building in the background)
  3. Type your student and your password.
    You received your student number by mail. It can also be found on your registration form:

5. You will now be redirected to the login page for

The first time you log in to myCLT, you will be asked for an email address.
You can use this email address later to change your password or unblock your account.
You will receive a code via email that you enter on your screen:


You will then be redirected to the login page.

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