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What is the registration fee?

Dutch as a Second Language (NT2)

  • €72 (180 / 120 hour course)
  • €48 (80 hour course)

Other languages

  • €180 (120 hour year course)
  • €105 (70 hour semester course)

Registration fees for all other courses can be found on the page of the language you wish to learn.

In addition to the registration fee, you pay for (digital) course materials (coursebooks and photocopies)

  • digital course materials are paid for (5€) upon registration to the CLT
  • coursebooks and course materials developed by our teachers are paid for upon registration to the CLT
  • books and course materials from the Acco bookshop/webshop are not paid for upon registration to the CLT. They should be purchased separately in the Acco bookshop

Do you wish to register online?
You need to pay the full registration fee mentioned on our website.

Check if you qualify for an exemption from the registration fee
If you do, please provide us with the necessary documents as well as your bank account number after your (online) registration. We will refund the registration fee as soon as possible.

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