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Interested in learning a new language ? Or in sharpening your present language skills ? For 25 languages, we offer you a wide range of trainings (standard, intensive, blended learning, e-learning, crash courses, …) and lesson moments (during the day, in the evening and on Saturday morning).

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Do you have prior knowledge of a language? Then first take a level test (online) and immediately start in the right level.

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Do you have a question or would you like to visit our office for information or to register?

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From 19 August you can register for one of our 24 languages!

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CLT @CinemaZED

SPEAK NO EVIL is the CLT film of September

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Learn Spanish in Valencia

Language trip to Valencia for beginners and more advanced learners. From 12 to 16 April 2023.

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kvalencia4n (Mobile)

Thinking of taking an e-learning course?

Check what e-learning at CLT means and whether e-learning is something for you:

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Ukrainian for beginners

From 26 September on Monday evening

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