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Summer course Italian for beginners

Are you planning a trip or an Erasmus stay in Italy? Do you love Italy, its cuisine, culture and lifestyle?
Do you think it's time to learn the language?
Then this Italian course is for you!

From 15 July to 26 July 2024 our colleague Michela takes you on a journey through the Italian language and culture.



15 July to 26 July 2024

Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00

100% online

Before the start of the course, your teacher will send you all the practical information for the lessons.

Is e-learning right for you?

What does a summer course day look like?




You can register for this course from 11 March till 5 July via our office or online via this link.

COURSE MATERIALS (available from 1 April)

  1. Go to the Acco webshop
  2. Choose your language and your level
  3. Order your handbook and course materials (you will automatically receive a 10% discount)

You can choose the home delivery option (+6.95 euros shipping costs) or pick up in the store (free).

If you choose to pick up in store, then 15 July is the last possible order day. The Acco store is closed from 20 July to 3 August.


After this course you will receive a certificate for level 1 (A1-Breakthrough).
You can register for the next level (A2-Waystage) at CLT.

AFTER this course

you'll be able to

  • present yourself
  • talk about your family, your home, your hobbies
  • order your favorite pasta
  • ask for a cappuccino in a bar (before 11:00!)
  • apologize
  • talk about your preferences

you'll know more about

  • Italian cuisine
  • the Italian regions
  • the beautiful Italian cities and monuments

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