Summer course NT2

For Dutch we organize online courses at different levels (1.1, 1.2, 2.1 and 2.2) from 12 July till 20 August 2021.

Are you a more advanced learner? Click here to make an appointment for a level test. A teacher will then send you all practical information about where and how your test will be organised.

  • These courses are all fully booked


Track: standard (120h) - 100% online

Classes: from Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30.

Price: €72 (course materials and handbook not included)

Course materials:

  • level1.1 (Breakthrough): €9
  • level 1.2 (Waystage): €8
  • level 2.1 (Threshold 1): €8 (mondeling) - €9 (schriftelijk)
  • level 2.2 (Threshold 2): €7 (mondeling) - €7 (schriftelijk)

You can collect your course materials on campus Leuven on Friday 9 July 10:00-12:30.

These courses also require a handbook to be purchased. Information about where or how to purchase can be found here.

  • level 1.1 (Breakthrough): Zo gezegd 1.1
  • level 1.2 (Waystage): Zo gezegd 1.2 mondeling + Zo gezegd 1.2 schriftelijk
  • level 2.1 (Threshold 1): Zo gezegd 2.1 mondeling persoonlijk + Zo gezegd 2.1 schriftelijk persoonlijk
  • level 2.2 (Threshold 2): Zo gezegd 2.2 mondeling publiek + Zo gezegd 2.2 schriftelijk publiek

Certificate: official (partial) certificate. After the course, you can register for the following level at CLT.

Registration: from 7 June online via the links below (from 12:00) or at our office on campus Leuven.

  • level 1.1 (Breakthrough): course 9723 (FULL) or course 10246 (FULL)
  • level 1.2 (Waystage): course 9724 (FULL) or course 9725 (FULL)
  • level 2.1 (Threshold 1): course 9727 (FULL) and/or course 9728 (FULL)
  • level 2.2 (Threshold 2): course 9729 (oral) (FULLL) and/or course 9730 (written) (FULL)

Before the start of the course, your teacher will send you all practical arrangements for the lessons.

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